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Symphony is our network backbone to add an extra layer of security and reliability to our services and keeping them running for the public 24 hours, 7 days a week. Symphony uses gigabit CAT6 Ethernet cable to achieve maximum performance to the gateway of the World Wide Web.

Our servers are housed in a special environment that's both cool and environmentally friendly. Our servers stay at a chilly 10 degrees celcius at full load (based on recent readings). Keeping our servers cool is also good for them by prolonging their lifespan up to 5 years longer than a normal dedicated rack server that gets extremely hot.

Our main goal with Symphony was to make our network backbone strong and secure. We've achieved this by using server-grade switch boxes, firewalls, routers and with a little help from Cloudflare. This ensures your connection to our servers is secure and seemlessly quick regardless of your location (website load time is still based on your Internet speed).

As every asset of a company is important to that specific company, all WindowsLogic Productions assets are important to us and that's why we've created encrypted archives of everything we've ever produced or worked on. This ensures that even if one of our server drives fail, we can replace it in minutes and restore the data in seconds.

Symphony makes our services more hassle free by providing a more polished connection. Never have to worry about any of our services going down because if something catastrophic happens, we'll be able to resume from right where we left off.

Want to see more improvements made to Symphony in the future?