Software Agreement

App Agreement

Our software usage agreement.


Please read this document carefully as it will outline how we will use our software when it's installed on your computer and how our software will affect you while using it.

1. Updates

You agree that we will release updates which you must install, if you do not install these updates, a system is put in place that reminds you to update every time you open the software; updates add features or fix bugs in the software. You also agree that we have the right to stop updates for any application we produce and render the software completely useless.

2. Development & Deployment

You agree that we will develop the software and remove and/or add features that either benefit the user or us. You also agree that we have the right to develop software that runs as administrator and accesses the registry of your Windows computer for fixing various problems in the software and to make it run more efficiently.

3. Information Collection

You agree that we can take and use data you have inserted into website form windows in our software for feedback or contact purposes only. All contact form data is only kept for a maximum of 30 days if specificed.

4. Rebuilding Software

You agree that we have the right to discontinue the application's development and move onto a more solid foundation, a patch will be released to make sure that the software will not seize up during the rebuild.

5. Software Sharing & Purchasing

Software under our copyright is only to be downloaded from this website or external sites ( & Steam), if it is found that anyone is hosting our old/current versions, we have the right to send a DMCA warning. If you have ignored this, we can and will get the law involved. Of our own decretion, we may provide links to paid products on the site, these will be denoted with a "Buy" link rather than a "Get Started" link.

Document created: 14/05/11 (14th May 2011)