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Easily use Amino on your Windows PC.

Amino is a registered trademark of Narvii, Inc.


Amino For Desktop is a small Gecko-based application for using Amino easily on your Windows computer. We have made this open-source as we would like people to help on this project and suggest new features etc.

The goal is to create a nice alternative to using Amino on phones since who wants to use a phone all the time? Phones have small screens and are a pain to use if you want to get something productive done. (That's why the iPad Pro fails so hard.)


Download the latest version of Amino For Desktop here.

Support & Feedback

Contact us or send feedback.

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later

Processor: Intel Celeron D or better

Memory: 512 MB

Storage: 100 MB

Version History

Amino For Desktop is under the GPL v3.0 licence and is open-source. Below you can download application versions and source code directly from the WindowsLogic Productions servers.

All code (except otherwise stated) is Copyright © 2018 - 2021 WindowsLogic Productions. All rights reserved.

Source code is provided under the GPL v3.0 licence. Source - 116 MB Source - 147 MB Source - 128 MB Source - 156 MB

Latest Version: Installer - 26.6 MB Installer - 29.3 MB Installer - 29.3 MB Installer - 26.9 MB