A light Twitter and TweetDeck client.


Tweeter is a small application for keeping your Twitter experience separate from your browser while also giving you many extra features you wouldn't commonly get on your browser.


Tweeter doesn't use Electron or web-technologies to create the user interface, this means it's faster on older hardware than Electron-based applications.


Amino For Desktop uses the latest version of the Gecko engine commonly found in Mozilla's Firefox for a fast, fluent browsing experience.

Out of Sight

Tweeter stays out of your way with minimise at start-up and minimise to system tray options.

Secure & Safe to Download

Tweeter is completely safe to download and comes with a lifetime of free updates from when you download it to give you the most up to date features and fixes, this also includes service packs.

If you're worried, we have ran it through VirusTotal for you: VirusTotal Results

Make your Twitter experience easier.

Current Version:

Size: 29.0 MB

Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 & 10