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What is WindowsLogic Productions?

Welcome to WindowsLogic Productions, a small practice that specialises in helping you with your computer while also giving you the support and software you need. We were established 6 years ago on the 14th May 2011 and we've expanded since then, providing support for our freeware applications and support for computer users running the Windows operating system.

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WindowsLogic Productions Promises


- We will not harm any data on your computer which you see as valuable.

- We will not steal any information from your computer and sell it to third parties.

- If need be, we will only download applications for your computer that are trusted and with full knowledge that they are safe and malware free.

- We will never look at private files, chats or folders without your permission. This is because the information contained in these folders is personal to you and only you, we have no rights to invade your privacy.

- If your computer is connected to a home network, we will not view the network on your computer or attempt to connect to any other computer on your network.


- We will never upload anything malicious to the site.

- All items we put in our downloads section are put there knowing they are safe for everyone.

- None of our applications take or store information.

- None of our applications use third-party advertisements.

- We will never use our applications to spy on the people that use them, our applications are incapable of doing such a task.

- Rumours have been going around about our applications having keyloggers in them. These rumours are of course fake and our applications are incapable of logging keystrokes.

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WindowsLogic Productions Brand

Innovation in our own image. We think our branding is beautiful and deserves the love and respect of everyone for the work we put into it.